Pendhurst-Amaranth in trouble again



Wright Research Lays Heavy Allegations

By City Staff

A hearing took place recently where Wright Research accused well-known corporate conglomerate Pendhurst-Amaranth of hiring an outside agency to enter Wright Research premises after-hours.

If anything was reported missing, it has not been disclosed to the public as representatives from both Wright Research and Pendhurst-Amaranth have been less than forthcoming with the press. While the burden falls on Wright to produce persuasive evidence, one thing is certain: this will not look good for Pendhurst-Amaranth execs.

Pendhurst-Amaranth is no stranger to the darker side of corporate dealings. Some may recall the P.R. nightmare the corporation went through several years ago. Rumors began to spread of an infiltration at the time by a group calling themselves "Unlimit," and eventually spread into a full-blown attempt at a hostile takeover.

Despite this trying experience, Pendhurst-Amaranth has made a total recovery from the situation. They even managed to improve their net profit and approval ratings, due largely to the expert skills of now chairwoman, Brenda Utley, and her use of a private investigative firm to stop the hostile group.

Whether this scandal is just another swell in Pendhurst-Amaranth's otherwise smooth sailing remains to be seen. With the pre-hearing reaching no amiable conclusion, Brenda Utley and her associates will have to work hard to weather the oncoming storm.

International Games Take Pass on City

By City Staff

After many months of deliberation, the combined voices of the individual International Games Committees have spoken, and it was not the soft whispers of sweet nothings. Citing ongoing outbreaks of violence and gang warfare, as well as financial reasons, the message was loud and clear: no International Games for our city next year.

At press time, there was no response from City officials with a formal reply to the decision. However, this unfortunate turn of events along with late-breaking revelations regarding corruption in the city government are combining to bring a spotlight on our elected officials.

News Briefs

Police are still baffled in their attempts to connect any suspects or motive to the murder of Gladice Rollins, an environmental activist who was found dead in a corporate office building overlooking Tabor Park Plaza on the evening of April 28th. Gladice's friends claim she went there to organize a protest against "," and speak out against modern technology, businesses, governments and their disdain for the environment. "We certainly believe anyone at this 'protest' would have witnessed what happened to Ms. Rollins," the chief of police said, "but so far, no witnesses have come forward." Without additional information, the police are unable to narrow down a long list of suspects . "We've talked to neighbors and friends of the deceased, but no one has any idea who could have done something like this. At this point, everyone's a suspect." Police are urging any witnesses or anyone with helpful information to contact them through the tip line.

A new virological exhibit has been discussed as a possible future release in the Creston Heights museum. Curators have been talking about additions to the museum for quite a while now, and the history of viruses and research into them has been a subject most agree would interest museum goers. "A lot of it will depend on funding and business proposals to the city," one superintendent explained, "however, I think many on the council staff would also like to see the museum expand into new territory."

William O. Perret

It's a Wonderful World

I know it doesn't take long for new fads to gain a solid following, but what's up with all this phone booth worship? The phones can't take any more of whatever they do to them, I guess, because I've seen many out-of-order signs and phone repairmen everywhere lately. I'm glad most people carry cell phones, or the city would be a lot less safe.

Speaking of safety, crime is on the rise — at least if you are unlucky enough to live in the slums. We've had countless muggings, assaults, break-ins, and even some murders. Gangs, low-life criminals, and random acts of violence between more organized groups are a constantthreat to daily life. Yet, when I walked through the park yesterday, I saw two old men playing chess, feeding the pigeons and acting as though nothing in the city could threaten their peace. Maybe it's something that comes with age, or maybe you just get jaded after living in this city for so long — I don't know. I prefer to think of it as backbone; not letting the low elements of the city get to you and fill you with fear.

So, all you readers out there: show some backbone and keep an eye out for any threats to our fine society. If you see something suspicious or witness a crime in progress, call the authorities!

If you can find a phone, that is...