Who Killed Sewage Crew


Law enforcement authorities are baffled by the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murders. What little evidence has been found indicates that this crime was not the work of amateurs.


Helicopter Pilots Survive Mid-Air Collision and Crash

By City Staff

Two helicopters collided in a spectacular crash over the river yesterday, shocking local residents.

Remarkably, both pilots survived the amazing collision after being rescued by law enforcement officials on river patrol nearby.

The two pilots were treated at a nearby hospital for hypothermia and minor injuries before being released. The specific area of the crash is also a popular haunt of joggers and cyclists who exercise along the rolling pathways of the boardwalks. One jogger saw the entire event unfold.

"It was like a massive shock of thunder followed by a fireball," said local jogger Dayne Klurg. "They hit with so much force that I thought I could see the shockwaves, it was crazy."

City salvage companies are currently searching for the wreckage so that investigators can determine if the accident was equipment failure or pilot error.

City Safety Inspector Mike Gonsalvo expressed doubts about the recovery. "This river can be like the Bermuda Triangle sometimes, the currents are strong enough to tear machinery to shreds. I doubt we will find either aircraft."

Authorities report that Air traffic has been up more than 500% compared to last year. However, officials maintain that air safety has not yet been compromised.

Nine Plant Workers Killed, Leaving a Mystery

By Sentinel Staff

Nine men, all workers at Rumbaar Sewage Treatment Station, were apparently shot through the head and dumped inside the station's treatment vats say city investigators.

"We have no known motive, no suspects, and at this time, very few leads," said Inspector Lowell Vogue, the City's Lead Investigator. "It was an ugly crime."

According to on scene reports, the physical plant was still in operation when the new shift arrived to a deserted work center. Once the former plant workers could not be found or contacted at home, the shift foreman called authorities.

"We knew from the very beginning that something was not quite right with the situation," Inspector Vogue said. "No damage was immediately visible, though green sparks from some disconnected electrical lines gave the scene and eerie glow. Something was wrong and the workers were missing."

After a thorough search of the entire plant and the local bars and restaurants, the authorities ordered the sewage treatment vats drained, leading to the grisly discovery.

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Andres Bonifacieao

The Air is Humming

The city is tense. I hear it amid the sips and tinkling glasses in Wally's bar every evening.

These helicopters, for one thing. They're buzzing the place and nobody who returns my calls knows what they

are. Bar patrons buzz about them - until they fall silent as the chuffing of the rotors passes by again.

I've resigned myself to the Redpill fad. I run into these characters quite a bit, and some of them are even okay, if you can take the I've-got-a-secret attitude they share.

One named "PhreakOfNature" averred that one of their own was killed along with the workers at the sewage plant (SEE LEAD STORY). If so, it's a murder authorities aren't acknowledging. Try as I might, I can't shake loose the name.

When I ask if this supposed victim might just be shacked up with a good friend somewhere, Phreak's friend "Cirakyn" just says "No. Not him."


The bad news is that a lot of these have it in their minds that they, not the justice system, are going to avenge this murder. Sounds like the perfect recipe for gang war. Tit for tat. Hatfields and McCoys. On and on.

I asked one svelte little leatherette whom the Redpills thought did it. "Gratiae" wouldn't tell me, just smiled and downed a vodka-and-cranberry juice that would've put a linebacker to sleep. I got the impression she had a strong suspicion, though.

Even with the unusually spectacular sunsets we're having, the city seems darker these days.