Riots Rock Barrens!


On its surface, the people inside and surrounding the newly emergent "Redpill" subcultures seem just like any other group of ordinary kids. However, strong rumors of death cults, militant gangs, and rampant drug use have City Officials deeply concerned about their growing influence over today's susceptible youth.


Now, That's an Eclipse!

By City Staff

A once-every-two-centuries solar eclipse plunged the city into an early nightfall, bringing with it celebrations, violence, and unusual behavior across the city.

Feral dogs were reported to be acting strangely and aggressively, causing city animal-control officials to step up efforts to round up the beasts. "Dog bites can be serious. If you see a strange dog without a collar or leash, avoid it. We have no reports of rabies in the city, but bites can be serious by themselves," said one official.

Gang violence was reported in some areas, bringing with it reports of a challenge of leadership in one of the gangs, which was reported to have been put down by established leaders.

This violence and the riots seemed to have an effect on the city's medical infrastructure. Hospital blood supplies were said to be dangerously low. A new blood drive will be announced later in the week.

The eclipse was caused by a rare conjunction of orbits, causing the path of the moon's shadow to move almost in tandem with Earth, making the eclipse singularly long in duration. It will not happen again in the lifetimes of anyone currently alive.

Eclipse Celebration Rowdiness Escalates into Riots; Area Curfew Imposed

By City Staff

Law enforcement officials announced the arrests of over 40 persons in connection with riots in the Achan and Sobra Shores districts of the Barrens.

The riots apparently grew from celebrations in and around Club Succubus, commemorating the historic "long night" eclipse, which brought unrest to various parts of the city.

Proper processing of arrestees has been complicated by a widespread reluctance to provide real names. Aliases such as "RogueA," "Lady Return," "Dragon Storm," and "Calliente," and many other obvious "street names" reflecting the so-called Redpill subculture have stymied efforts to establish the arrestees'actual identites.

Officials continued to neither confirm or deny reports that large numbers of the detainees had been released. City Officials also refused to ackowledge rumors from reliable sources about large numbers of protestors who seemingly disabled the maximum security systems and staged a massive prison break away from custody.

"We've quelled the disorder, which is the important thing. Citizens are safe. The city's safe. End of story," one official said. "This was a win for the good guys."

Personal of the Day

RIP Feronus. What you did will not be forgotten. Let others beware, and learn from these events. -M

Andres Bonifacieao

This Is More Interesting
Than It Sounds

Nice that that's over. They say the full moon drives folks batty, but the backlit Moon of a solar

eclipse does a not-bad job all by itself.
Riots, attacks, gang rumbles, aggressive mutts - it was a good night to stay inside drinking with good friends.
Still, down at Wally's place, word filtered in about the mayhem. Some street creep named "Invalesco" (I'm guessing at the spelling) was using his juice to mount some kind of coup, but according to the rumors, went down hard.
Maybe he shouldn't have chosen a street handle that sounds like a credit-check firm.

Things have been weird in this burg, and they get weirder after nightfall. Having a little extra night didn't help matters at all.
One of these "Redpill" hipsters came into the bar and shared his experience. Apparently he'd been in the fight of his life and needed time to recover. I asked him what was going on out there, and he gave me a tale full of bizarre names and creatures of the night that I couldn't follow any better than I could a schizophrenic's rant.
I think these people live in another world.